The diversity of our family structures requires an understanding of how family members interact. The process and content of a dispute resolution meeting will be governed by this information. It is necessary to imagine how simple issues can be reconstructed in a different way to bring about an acceptable family solution.


We spend so much time at work. A problem in our workplace can impact not only in our work environment but also our home life. It can be hard to have that ‘straight talk’ with your work colleague to resolve issues. The opportunity to request a meeting facilitated by an independent person will provide you and your work colleague a safe place to share information, understand each other and make choices about your future relationship.


How do I want to live my life when I am older? This question challenges us and our loved ones. It is important to have a plan to cater for our independence, care, health and financial security. The delicate nature of this discussion may require an independent facilitator to keep everyone on track.


The grief of losing a loved one and being involved in a family conflict is devastating for all concerned. An independent facilitator may help you find the right time and space to have the conversations necessary to resolve conflict.


How did things go so wrong? The excitement of going into a business partnership can blind you to what is ahead. A business dispute may destroy your business and even end in bankruptcy. The most intense disputes take place in business particularly in family partnerships. A chat with an independent facilitator at an early stage may avoid this happening to you and your business partner.


Our reputation in the community is often integral to our self-esteem and to how we wish others to view us. Conflict can occur in clubs, schools and other associations which may have devastating consequences for those involved. An independent facilitator may clarify the issues, de-escalate the dispute and preserve the relationships.